A non-invasive option for your thinning or hair loss areas. Our goal is to boost your confidence by sharing as much information and only using the best hair available on the market and giving you instant results in just a few hours. If you want a full head of hair, but do not want surgery, NSG is an excellent option, giving you the head of hair you have always wanted or used to have.


Thinning or balding is very common in men, especially with age. We are here to allow you to age backwards when it comes to your hair. Offering a variety of systems, from hairline units, partial units, to full systems. Don't lose your confidence because of your hair, we will give you that confidence back and ensure it doesn't go anywhere.


Using a verity of systems, from toppers, extensions to full hair system units. We have the right solution for whatever your thinning or hair loss needs may be. We understand it can be vulnerable and uncomfortable, but we are here to ease any worry, and make you the most confidant you could be.



Consultation &
order hair unit


Schedule install


& after care


*all packages are 20”
*24” and longer are available upon request.

Mens NSG Package

$750.00 USD

NSG Hair Replacement


$0.00 USD

NSG Hair Replacement


Scalp and hair system maintenance is vital for the health of your scalp, biological hair, as well as the hair system being worn. During the maintenance the system will be removed, cleansed, shampooed and conditioned. The scalp area will be cleansed of any residue, shampooed, and conditioned. A clean up of the affected area, as well as a haircut, and the system will be reapplied. The average maintenance time is 2-4 weeks.

Maintenance varies person to person, and method of application used.Depending on your beauty budget, your expectations, and or experience, you may do maintenance at home between salon visits to stretch out your in-salon visits. Some customers feel confident to do this while others do not. Each person is different, and we will tend to each one of your needs to make you feel feel confident and secure with your systems


Is it human hair?

Yes, all the extensions that we use are 100% human remy hair.

How long does it last?

Each client will need to come in for regular maintenance, but the extension hair should last between 6-9 months + with proper care.

Is it damaging?

When the hair is cared for properly at home, with professional products, and routine in salon maintenance is done, no it will not be damaging. With improper care or maintenance extensions may cause damage.

Can i swim?

Absolutely! Some methods will require you not to get wet within 24-48hrs after install, but after that you are in the clear.

Can i put it up?

Um YES! Power pony’s are the best!

Can i use any product?

Professional product is all we would recommend. Any non professional product will decrease the quality and longevity of the extensions.

How much is it?

Each client is going to vary depending on what what is existing and what the dream hair goal is. All pricing is covered in a in saln consultation. How do i wash?

How much hair do i need?

This will vary depending on desired volume and length. A in salon consultation is when we will be able to determine how much hair is needed.

How long does my hair have to be?

Ideally at shoulders or longer, but options are available topending on what the goal is.

Can i get extensions the same day as consultation?

As of now, you will need to book a in salon consultation, and we will custom order the hair, and can get overnight shipping if ordered before 12:30pm.

Do i need to do anything with the hai when i sleep?

What comes in the extension kit?