R & D came about because of two individuals who think differently than most and have such a love for the why and chemistry behind the hair industry.Together having a combined 20+ years of education and behind the chair experience, and a heavy love for the hair industry. 

Dorothy and Red met in 2017 when they both were working at one of the best beauty schools in the country. Dorothy and Red bonded very quickly when they realized they both thought the same way about hair color and could talk about ingredients and chemicals, which sounds like a forgein language to most everyone. After educating together for 3 years, and also taking clients behind the chair after their teaching hours, they put it out there about opening a suite to have their own separate space to take their clients. They were already working side by side for 8-12 hours a day 5-6 days a week, why not open a business together. 

In Feb 2020 R&D Studio was born, then in March 2020 the pandemic hit. With being new business owners and still educators they were not sure where everything was going to go. They both did not loose hope or drive and continued to work though the year, finding themselves not out of work, but actually growing and in more demand. 

By 2021, both Red and Dorothy were so busy at the salon, they decided to leave their education jobs at the school and put 110% into their salon and grow while offering independent education. Continuing the business venture together through the ups and downs of not only a business, but a business during a global pandemic. 

Now March 2022 R&D Studios has grown and built into R&D Artistry. Expanding the salon space by triple its original size, and adding like minded, passion driven artists to join the team. Still sharing education and passion for the hair industry, Red and Dorothy will continue to grow and strive for success while creating and building beauty within the industry.




Hey guys, its Red, the R to R&D, I have been a hair stylist for 11 years, Starting my career, behind the chair and also being in education and an international educator for Paul mitchell. With growing my career I still do education, but also I am an influencer for HairLocs extensions and Blu Smart tools, and also a salon owner, which I never thought I'd be or love so much. But one of the biggest milestones for me was becoming a 6 figure hairstylist.

Coming from Norcal where i started my beauty school journey but I was young and had my mind on other things, I made my way down to southern california,i got in a life changing accident and realized i wanted more for my life, and i re-enrolled in Paul mitchel santa barbara and graduated and have been doing hair ever since.

I am truly passionate about color corrections and hair extensions. When it comes to color I love a challenge and to push the limits of what I have created before. I love to color corrections to fix what someone else has done that the client is not completely happy with, and to continue to put good quality work out there. But I also love all things color, I started out doing a ton of vivids, and that being my base clientele, but over the years I have transitioned to loving all things blonding and being more of a blonding specialist. On top of that over the last 5 years I have added hand tied wefting into my business, and there is nothing that makes me happier in the salin than combining coloring and extensions together to give the total transformation.

If you can't find me behind the chair, I am probably at disneyland with my husband. I am a huge Disney nerad and love all things disney. I was lucky enough to find Dan who was also a disney nerd and got to make him my husband in oct 2020. Not only do we share this passion, but we have built a life and family full of furry little ones, we share 4 rabbits and a chocolate shiht zu named Woola. I also love adding colorful tattoos to my now oh so colorful body, which most are inspired by japanese culture and disney, yes disney again.

I have lots of stories and things to share, but we will leave that for when you join my chair. We will never run out of things to talk about i promise, i didn't even mention my love for books yet. See you soon :)

book w/ red



Hi Friends I'm Dorothy, the D to R&D :) I have been a hair stylist for 11 years. For the first ¾ of my career i have been heavy into education, working at a high end beauty school starting from a T.A. to educator, lead educator, cosmetology manager, then academy manager.Within my 8 ½ years working at the school i learned so much about my craft and industry, consistently taking education classes anything from a few hour class, to week long intensive training not only to become the best educator i could be but the best stylist, and competing in multiple competitions to push me outside of my comfort zones and skill level.All of which i still love and have so much passion for.

I will continue to work in education, both independently, and also as the director of education for DreamCatchers Hair Extensions, education will forever be a part of my life.But this next chapter in my career is dedicated to being a salon owner and stylist behind the chair. Taking all my love and skills and applying it as a priority to my clients, I love changings clients' hair on a daily basis, making each person who sits in my chair look and feel the most beautiful or handsome . I am passionate about hair color, cutting, hair extensions, and mens hair replacement.

If you cant find me behind the hair, I am probably with my family and Son. My amazing son is probably the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. I strive to show my son happiness, and loving what you do as a career and being successful at it. Building a life with my Husband of 8 years, (together almost 14 years), going through health, wealth, sickness and trying times together, I am so thankful to have a very handsome handy man by my side to go through life with.

If not there then something active, gym, travel, concerts, beach, on an adventure somewhere. I love traveling and trying new things, I love live music and concerts. Living an active lifestyle in the gym and working out to stay fit and healthy, playing different sports, golf, tennis,soccer, and snowboarding are the top. I love all seasons, I lied, I don't love spring. But i love the seasons, growing up in a small mountain town, yes i am a small town girl, i value the seasons. I love to visit the snow, and also lay on the hot sand.

We can get to know each other more when you're in the chair and on a hair journey together :)

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Heyy, it’s Allison!

I am a proud San Diego Native and always loved playing with hair. Since i can remember i have been doing design competition hairstyles for dance team, Colored my hair with markers for pops of fun colors and styled friends hair for formals and proms.

Once i grew up and could get to do hair as an adult i started in 2005 through San Diego cosmetology apprenticeship program. I then Trained under Patti Netto and team at Salon Element in LA Mesa. I am passionate about education and continued with education at Marinello beauty school. Licensed since 2007.

During the recession i worked the Yamaguchi Salon at the Hotel Del Coranado, and also worked at Strands Salon in Rancho Bernardo 2009-2021 where I extensively trained in color theory and advanced color techniques through Aveda. As you can tell i love education and pushing myself year after year!

Now that’s a lot about me professionally! Let’s get personal, i married my highschool sweetheart in 2008! We have built a beautiful life with adding two little to the mix! We love Disney, and adventures, we love to stay active and travel!

I believe that through our time and talents we can make a big impact on a person's life. I specialize in dimensional color, blonding and Extensions; plus making people laugh and smile.

I'm excited to join the team of R&D artistry

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